Dr Simon Mbarushimana

Just like children sponsored through RSVP, I was born into total poverty: I wore shoes for the very first time at the age of 15, I owned and used a toothbrush, toilet paper, a shower soap bar, socks and underpants at the age of 15; and privileges such as three meals a day and a night on a mattress with a bed sheet also began when I was 15.

Why was this? Because I had passed the equivalent of the 11+ exam and was going to boarding school, where all those "luxuries" were compulsory requirements.

As my family was far too poor to meet such requirements or pay the tuition fees, some Church friends contributed until a Swiss Missionary eventually took over my sponsorship.

Due to him, I am now a Durham BSc Honours graduate, Aberdeen MBChB graduate and an aspiring surgeon.

Sponsorship not only helped me to fly with my own wings, but more importantly, it proved a low cost but very effective way of getting one more child out of poverty.

Dr Simon Mbarushimana, MBChB, BSc Honours. RSVP Founder, Trustee and Coordinator