Dr Pelumi Akintade

I became a supporter of RSVP soon after I met and became friends with Simon during my time at Durham University. I love the mission of the charity and so I didn’t need much convincing to get on board!

The Scottish connection with RSVP is an interesting one for me because I had spent a few years studying at St Andrews before going on to medical school in the northeast of England. I enjoy collaborative working, forming effective partnerships that have a global outlook to find solutions and benefit the lives of others.

I have personally experienced the hardships and financial stresses related to formal education and the consequential interruptions that can cause. I appreciate the value of the contributions that others have made at different points along my own journey. And so, I in turn enjoy doing my own part, however small, to give those less privileged than myself the opportunity to realise their potential in life.

My interests are far and wide. I am passionate about life, love, health, education, music, sustainable development and business to name but a few!

Dr Oluwapelumi Akintade BSc(Hons) MBBS MPH