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Project Description

After discussion with the district hospital of Mibirizi and the Bugarama health centre, child malnutrition was said to be problematic in two areas, namely Bugarama and Muganza. After careful probing and interviews, this was found to be seasonal (thus predictable) and therefore really easily preventable!

RSVP simply extended the porridge scheme to children selected by community midwives on the basis of objective malnutrition rankings (green, yellow, red). This is done twice a year. The health centre agreed not only to select those children, but it also, as part of the deal, was responsible to weigh those children weekly, document changes in malnutrition colour code and send such data to RSVP at agreed timetable.

On the advice from the district hospital nutritionist, SOSOMA served to these malnourished children needed to have a higher proportion of soya in the mixture. And this increased the unitary price about three times the normal £0.09/cup. It is anticipated milk from NMP will be used to fortify SOSOMA for these children even further.