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Project Description

RSVP has linked another village school (Muko) to HATW which very kindly added 4 classrooms worth £30,000 to it's infrastructure. This charity has ever since continued links with Muko school.

Interestingly, there seems to have been an association between classroom numbers and national test results: a positive association in Muko but a quite marked negative association in Mihabura (please see the national test results here).

This partly understandable: in 2010, the government decided to run a "shift" education system whereby children only study for half a day, probably as a way of increasing primary school enrolment (effectively doubling it) whilst using the same number of classrooms nationally.

Unfortunately, this meant a curriculum meant to be taught all day was suddenly expected to be covered in half a day's tuition. Unsurprisingly, schools that have more classrooms (mostly private schools) could afford to offer all day tuition to some of their pupils.

Over time, a combination of run-down infrastructure and, more importantly, insufficient classrooms meant that the gains made in Mihabura begun to slip away. This is why RSVP has adopted two infrastructure goals – one for the medium term (30 years or so) and another for the long term (30 to 50 years).

In partnership with friends of RSVP, we aim to increase classroom numbers in Mihabura to enable at least P4 to P6 pupils to study all day. So, the medium term goal it to build 6 new classrooms in Mihabura in the next few years. Each classroom is expected to cost a minimum of £5,000 or so. Such classrooms will be built to last for about 30 years or so.

In the long term, RSVP hopes to erect a school building that will be a symbol of aspiration for our young people – an infrastructure built to last that is modern and multi-purpose. Though the final outlook might change, the initial design shown in the carousel above has been discussed.