Child Sponsorship Program

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Project Description

Encouraging children to attend school more frequently through our various programmes results in better national test results. This is an objective test set and marked centrally (equivalent to the 11 Plus in the UK).

Up until recently, secondary school was exclusively boarding type: children leaving their poor homes to live at school where they would have light, meals and better accommodation. Unfortunately, even though tuition fees, accommodation and meals only cost on average £20/month, such cost is well beyond the reach of some parents.

So RSVP, once again through open, democratic and transparent selection processes, has been providing sponsorship for pupils ranked the poorest by teachers, pupils and parents, initially in Mihabura (2007 to 2010) and then all village schools (from 2011).

In addition to secondary school sponsorship, RSVP also facilitate sponsorship through university which costs £37.50/month.

The scheme, which started with 3 pupils in 2007, has expanded to 51 pupils (2013 figures). 20 of those pupils are sponsored through partnership with two UK charities (MAD and HATW) and an Aberdeen secondary school (Harlaw Academy). 4 of those sponsored children are now at university.

Sponsored children have elected their own committee so that each term when back in Bugarama during the holidays, they meet up, help each other with revision (with older children helping younger children) and discuss issues pertinent to their lives. Parents have also just elected a committee that will deal with issues pertinent to them, especially child disciplinary issues.  All this was done under their own initiative (both parents and children committees).