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Encouraging children to attend school more frequently through our various programmes results in better national test results. Unfortunately, even though boarding school tuition fees, accommodation and meals only cost on average £20/month, such cost is well beyond the reach of some parents.

RSVP through open, democratic and transparent selection processes, has been providing sponsorship for pupils ranked the poorest by teachers, pupils and parents since 2007. In addition to secondary school sponsorship, RSVP also facilitate sponsorship through university.

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School Sponsorship

Just £20 per month can provide the opportunity for the poorest pupils to attend boarding school. Your generous donation will provide tuition, accommodation and light meals for the child you sponsor.

Monthly Donation : £20.00

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University Sponsorship

Only 7% of Rwandans graduate from university with lack of funds being one of the top reasons. Your sponsorship of £37.50 can help a young adult to attend university and greatly improve their career opportunities.

Monthly Donation : £37.50


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions, or require further information please feel free to give us an email at info@rsvpcharity.co.uk.

Changing Lives

Samson's Story

In 2016, Samson’s mother sadly passed away and he lost his chance at continuing his education at boarding school. Fortunately, RSVP found a generous donor to sponsor Samson, allowing him to complete secondary school where he finished first in the class! 

One step closer to his dream of studying agriculture and livestock at university despite the massive barriers that have existed in his life!