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School Meals

Since 2007, we have been providing meals in schools which acts as great incentive for children to attend. The bulk of this is porridge provision to children in P1 to P6. This was based on formula used by the ministry of health to treat malnutrition: sorghum, maze and soya (SOSOMA) with sugar added to taste. A porridge cup is 500ml and costs only £0.12p.

In addition to the positive benefit this has on the development and health of the children, the porridge programme has also led to the employment of up to 7 local Bugarama people.

The Rwandan government announced a national feeding programme in 2021 that will see every child in Rwanda get a cup of porridge based on contributions from a joint effort between both the government and parents. RSVP has developed its porridge initiative in Mihabura for the last decade. We were consulted and our data was used to roll it out nationally.

We were over the moon that our relatively small feeding program (although a mammoth task for us!) was paving the way to feed a nation hugely impacted by malnutrition and the wider effects this has on the young learners. With the national programme now up and running in Bugarama, RSVP works with all 7 primary schools (and 1 other school in the Nzahaha area) to ensure no one misses out on the meals and that those most in need of it also enjoy the benefits.

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