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Samson’s story

In 2016, Samson’s mother sadly passed away and he lost his chance at continuing his education at boarding school. Fortunately, RSVP found a generous donor to sponsor Samson, allowing him to complete secondary school where he finished first in the class!

Samson has now graduated from Agricultural studies at university with the help of his sponsor’s keen generosity and is finding working in this sector which  makes up 24% of Rwanda’s GDP. The interesting insight made by Samson is without the support given to him through RSVP, he would likely be living a difficult life as a subsistence farmer in poverty. 

Now equipped with secondary and higher education, he both has a more prosperous future where he can help his family, but he can also develop the agriculture sector on a wider level that supports even more Rwandans.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student like Samson, check out our sponsorship page.