Teacher and Student's Cow Programme

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Teacher and Student's Cow Programme

There are two arms to the cow program:

a) Firstly some cows are donated to the parents of sponsored families. It creates an income while their child is being educated before they gain a better paying job to support their

b) Secondly there are the teachers in Bugarama who do an amazing job educating the primary children in Bugarama who are still paid minimally for the amount of work they do. In addition to the normal school day, Mihabura primary school also has morning revision, evening revision and weekend revision all on top of 8am-4pm days. All primary teachers are all still paid £40 a month. These cows supplement their income.

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rwandan charity cow programme

It started with two cows, a cow for each arm of the initiative. One of the cows, with the subsequent calves, has reached 6 sponsored student families. The other cow has benefited 4 teachers this far. 

When the project started in 2013, the goal was to have 50% of sponsored families and 25% of Mihabura primary school teachers by 2018.

We have not yet reached this goal. However new strategies have been deployed to aim for this target again. One of the cows has not had a calf for a few years now so it hope to be sold and a new purchased to continue the program.

We are confident that the cow program will continue to grow in order to support those at the heart of RSVP.

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