Kath Deans

Kath Deans

Secondary School Sponsorship Coordinator

My main role for RSVP is the allocation of secondary school children to their sponsors and distribution of letters from the children as well as and collecting and transferring letters from sponsors to Rwanda. This role has become much easier now that letters are written on computer rather than having to wait for someone to visit Rwanda and bring back bundles of letters. My ideal is to encourage closer relationship between the children and their individual sponsors as this is a great encouragement to the children.

I find helping these disadvantaged children to get a chance to study their way out of poverty is very fulfilling – I can’t help them all but with RSVPs commitment to passing every penny raised to support the children, and the dedication of the Rwandan team,  I have found a charity I can trust to do all it can. Seeing the children grow over the years at secondary school, their English improve and their knowledge expand is very rewarding.

I first met Simon and heard about the formation of RSVP when he was studying in Aberdeen. Having followed the work of the charity I was honoured to be invited to join the Trustees some years later. 

I have not been fortunate enough to travel to Rwanda yet, but hope one day to visit the area I have grown to love.