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Jeremie Gets the Chance to go to University

Back in September we brought attention to the issue that many of the students that finished secondary school last year with fantastic grades and secured a university scholarship for their tuition fees were unlikely to go to university. They lack the funds to even begin funding just their living expenses at university (accommodation, food and such). So we made a post to ask our supporters if anyone could help one of these students.

Over in Rwanda they replicated the democratic process we usually use to select our sponsored secondary students.

From their discussions involving teachers, students and families Jeremie Bukuru was selected. He passed his S6 exams with an overall score of 73 out of the maximum 73 – unsurprisingly he passed with distinction!

Jeremie wasn’t actually present for the discussion as he is living with his grandmother in another village called Nyakabuye. How delighted he will be when the news reaches him!!