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Jacques Needs Your Support

Jacques was at university in his second year at the University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture Animal science and Veterinary Medicine to study crop production. His family was already in a very difficult position with only his father to support his family after his mother sadly passed away in 2006.

Jacque’s father worked on other peoples’ fields to get paid £1 or £2 a day. As much as his father could, these wages were used to support Jacques to university while also feeding and raising Jacque’s 3 other brothers. It seems unbelievable how much Jacque’s father did with what he had. Ordinarily this would be impossible. Out with term time Jacques would look for jobs (such as on construction site) to try sustain himself.

One of Jacques’ brothers Robert (21 years old) works as a porter at the market and Patrick (17 years old) is still at primary school where school fees are much less – this may seem odd but we can do another post about why teenagers can still find themselves in primary schools in Rwanda.

Thankfully we have had a sponsor come forward to support the other brother Pacifique through secondary school.

If anyone thinks they can contribute so that we can do the same for Jacques then please give us a Facebook message or feel free to email !