Fulgence Kaneza

Fulgence Kaneza

Rwandan Coordinator

Rwandese by nationality, I am 49 years old, married and father of 3 children (2 girls and a boy). On professional side, I have been a lecturer; a sales analyst and a commercial manager in one local cement factory and currently I’m employed by the Catholic Diocese of Cyangugu, in the South West of Rwanda.

I’m the RSVP volunteer since its beginning in 2007. In life, I attach a great importance to morality and responsibility. In human relations, I have a special interest in justice, poverty reduction and human development of different countries.

My role is to coordinate locally RSVP activities, i.e.:

  • Represent RSVP locally

  • In consultation with all parties concerned, propose the provisional budget for the annual local RSVP activities and submit it to the head office in UK for amendments and approval;

  • Ensure the implementation of the approved budget; ensure funds are used for authorized purposes and report regularly to UK HQ on local bank account movements;

  • Guarantee, when it is the case, the transparency and honesty of the selection of new students to be sponsored by RSVP;