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Francine’s Story

Francine was a pupil back in Mihabura primary school in Bugarama, Rwanda. During her time at Mihabura primary school, RSVP funded educational trips to enrich her learning experience including a visit to the hospital where the pupils had public health workshops about HIV in addition to other local places of potential future employment including a power station and radio station.

She was very successful in the equivalent of the ’11-plus’ exam but was not initially sponsored by RSVP as the small income from her father didn’t qualify Francine as the poorest among her classmates. Very sadly in 2010, the second year of her secondary education, Francine’s father passed away. Her mother alone could not fund to sustain her siblings alongside school fees for Francine (including the minimal fees for the local school). At this point RSVP began to sponsor Francine to one of the top boarding schools in the district through the established selection process.

In 2014, Francine sat the national exam for her ‘A-levels’ in Mathematics, Physics and Geography. She secured the top grades and qualified for the university scholarship. She was then sponsored on to university to study Applied Geology at the University of Rwanda.

Francine recounts, “This project became as a good solution for the students who comes from poor family, for sure RSVP became my parents, they done what other persons can’t do. Wherever, they are, I prayed almighty God to bless them in all things they do. Glad to have RSVP team as my parents.”

Francine went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Geology. She met her now husband and relocated to Kenya with him. They have recently become parents to a beautiful boy called Haniel.

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With all these major life changes for Francine, she has gained an income by producing hand-crafted baskets and selling them to locals. As she settles into her new life in Kenya and Haniel gets a bit older, Francine is looking forward to applying to jobs and pursing her career in geology.

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