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Dennis’s Story

Dennis was sponsored by RSVP to study law at university after his secondary school sponsorship and excelling in the final S6 exam. Dennis began law school without some of the materials enjoyed by some of his peers such as a laptop. His modules set an average 80% grade to be in the ‘top group’. This was a huge goal Dennis set from himself. Eventually his passion for his profession and a lot of hard work saw Dennis smashing this goal by third year!

One of our trustees, Catriona, had the pleasure of meeting Dennis in 2017 while he was at home on holiday in Bugarama (his hometown and the heart of RSVP). He was in second year back then and told her of this goal.

Catriona remembers, “Although his family is poor, in his living room he has articles plastered all over the mud walls and had a great big dictionary sitting on the table. He told me about the countless books he has read. Clearly living in Kigali, the capital, where there is a public library, is a massive perk for Dennis.”

As a senior law student, Dennis volunteered in providing legal assistance to those who could not afford a lawyer. This was a great learning experience for him. 

At the heart of RSVP, our work comes from meaningful partnerships rather than unidirectional aid. Therefore, to see Dennis use his skills to support those in his country struggling is a meaningful step forward both in his career and the wider work of RSVP.

Dennis graduated with his law degree and his working for a law firm in Rwanda. He has been supported his in professional exams and postgraduate qualifications, as he went on to also secure a Master’s in International Criminal Justice.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student like Dennis, check out our sponsorship page.