Samson’s story

samson charity rsvp

In 2016, Samson’s mother sadly passed away and he lost his chance at continuing his education at boarding school. Fortunately, RSVP found a generous donor to sponsor Samson, allowing him to complete secondary school where he finished first in the class! Samson has now graduated from Agricultural studies at university with the help of his […]

Francine’s Story

Francine was a pupil back in Mihabura primary school in Bugarama, Rwanda. During her time at Mihabura primary school, RSVP funded educational trips to enrich her learning experience including a visit to the hospital where the pupils had public health workshops about HIV in addition to other local places of potential future employment including a […]

Dennis’s Story

rsvp rwandan charity case study

Dennis was sponsored by RSVP to study law at university after his secondary school sponsorship and excelling in the final S6 exam. Dennis began law school without some of the materials enjoyed by some of his peers such as a laptop. His modules set an average 80% grade to be in the ‘top group’. This […]