• School Meals
    40p each
  • for a daily SOSOMA porridge cup
    9p each
  • £15 per month
    to sponsor a child

RWANDAN SCHOOL VILLAGE PROJECT Creating an aid-free generation through education

Education today for zero aid tomorrow

RSVP Charity Report

We have prepared a report that outlines our journey from 2007 to now.

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Geographical Location

We work with 5 Village primary schools, namely Mihabura, Muko, Ryankana, Kibangira and Bugarama Cite’. All are based in the South West of Rwanda, bordering both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi (see the arrow on the map)

Our sponsorship Program links RSVP to boarding secondary schools spread all over Rwanda, with the majority located in Cyangugu, currently known as Rusizi District.

Our Values and Vision

Aware of the ever increasing and well documented criticism of international aid, RSVP adopted 4 simple values that ensure value for money for the donor as well as the recipient. These are outlined below.

Voluntary Policy

All Rwanda and UK charity officials including Trustees work as unpaid volunteers. They do not claim any refund for the expenses incurred while on duty. This new concept encourages fellow Rwandans to give what they have (time and expertise) and only seek help for what they lack (money and some other skills). Though global citizens, the children we serve are really and primarily theirs, not Muzungus (a non-derogatory term to mean White person).

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100% Pledge

Our voluntary policy enables the charity to achieve our second self-imposed pledge: spend 100% of the donations we receive on the ground rather than on bureaucracy!

Transparency Policy

All our donors have access to the charity’s monthly accounts and can therefore monitor how much money we have and what we are doing with it. This encourages greater accountability for every penny we receive.

Quantifiable Impact

RSVP is almost obsessed with measurable impact, tracking both attendance rates and the Rwandan equivalent of the 11 Plus exam results annually.